Affise Year Recap: 2019 Month by Month

5 min readJan 17, 2020


What is it that motivates us at Affise to deliver the best product and service for the affiliate industry? The answer is simple — the shared mission. We are fans of our work, and we are delighted and proud to see that every month had something prominent for the product. If you aren’t afraid to look back on the past year, then it was surely fruitful, and it gives nothing but joy to look through it. So let’s have a look together!

January 2019

We had a great kick-start of the year by rocking at one of the world’s largest events — Affiliate Summit West in Vegas. It’s always the right way to start a year — attending top affiliate conferences.

February 2019

In February to simplify the work of our users with their data, we released Comparison reports feature. Thanks to it, users can get a comprehensive analysis within a few clicks after specifying comparative periods and other necessary filters. You can filter by offer, advertiser, affiliate so that you can get the relevant report. With Comparison reports, you can compare the most critical indicators and metrics, such as clicks, conversions, earnings, etc., as well as their possible combinations.

March 2019

March was fruitful for new partners at Affise Marketplace. We integrated with new billing provider, Billoid, and one more Fraud Prevention service, Fraud Defence.

April 2019

In 2019 we committed ourselves to completely change the approach to the data visualization with regard to all tabs and platform sections, making it simple and unique for each user. To release this mention, in March we introduced Custom Dashboards. From that moment on, affiliate managers and account managers can choose metrics and individual reports that matter for them the most.

Further in this mission, we also introduced a new CR and sub-accounts optimization tool that filters traffic according to the performance of affiliates and traffic sources.

Additionally, for the first time, we created our own course, Affise Academy! We know how complicated affiliate marketing can be; that being said we made a step towards helping people learn more about it. The 1st Volumes is created both for beginners to learn all the basics to start and run an affiliate network, and experienced players learn how to use Affise in the best way to grow their performance marketing business.

May 2019

In May we became the winner of SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards 2019 in the nomination Great User Experience. Winning the Great User Experience Award signifies our commitment to providing only the best to our customers and contributing tremendously to the quality of user experience.

June 2019

One more award! This time it’s “The Best Tracker” in the affiliate industry by Affbank Awards. The public vote determined the winners in each category, thus we are very thankful to all those who gave us their support and trust.

July 2019

In July we continued to train all customers and anybody willing to learn more about affiliate marketing and platform technologies — we introduced the 2nd edition of Affise Academy. The second course is entirely devoted to the greatest fear of affiliate managers — the integration process, which is now entirely explained in our step-by-step guide.

August 2019

In August, we released Advanced Targeting Capabilities, which significantly improved the prior targeting system. Also, we’ve gone even further in our mission to create a stronger affiliate ecosystem. In addition to existing integrations with the best-in-class fraud prevention services, we released our own preventive weapon — Click-Level Fraud Prevention Tool.

September 2019

September brought us to a new level with the brand-new BI integration service Data Fusion. All our clients work with Big Data, and they need a reliable tool that will turn this data into actionable insight and future roadmap. Data Fusion is a real-time delivery service, which transfers all the data from Affise to clients AWS and Google accounts, integrating data across multiple sources into a single view, and after send them to the leading-edge BI tools, like Google Data Studio, Power BI, Oracle BI, Tableau, to name a few.

Also, on the 3rd of September, we flew to India for MAC India Affiliate Conference, which we were organizing for the last several months. The conference brought together more than 50 exhibitors, 15 most influential speakers, and 2,000+ participants from all over the world.

October 2019

In October we attended a lot of events, but the most important was the International Performance Marketing Awards in London at PI Live. As the last year’s IPMAs winners, we return to London this October to give the 2019 award to those who deserve to be named Best SaaS Platform.

November 2019

Considering the importance of differentiating user roles within a platform and the sensitivity of data, Affise has released extended User Management functionality, which allows giving different access levels and permissions for different team members.

Behind the scenes, November can be called the “Fraud prevention” month. We partnered with Adv.Cake to prevent eCommerce ad fraud and pursue cleaner and more transparent industry again eCommerce ad fraud. What’s more, we conducted a study on how ad fraud affects the industry and published “Global Report on Ad Fraud in Performance Marketing for 2020: Statistics, Trends, and Solutions”.

We also did some expertise sharing. Our CEO, Stanuslau Litvinau, shared the firsthand experience of opening and running the Indian office — entering the new market: how we’ve grown from 0 to $2,5M ARR and got the leadership in India.

December 2019

To motivate your affiliates to perform better big brands and agencies from different industries tend to reward their affiliates with various bonuses. To eliminate all manual calculation of promotional offers and calculation of bonuses, Affise introduced Commission Tiers. Commission tiers allow automatical rewards calculation, once affiliates reach the agreed KPI — their bonuses are automatically added.

And the last feature released in 2019 was Offers schedule tool, owing to which advertisers can start and pause advertising campaigns via a special calendar at the needed time.

Instead of conclusion

The year 2019 was rocking amazing. The summary above is just some highlights of the year. It would take at least twice these pages to mention everything. And in 2020 we are up even for more. Stay Affised and follow our news. We promise you won’t get bored! ;)