Brand New Cap Management System at Affise

3 min readMar 29, 2018

Although some advertisers let their advertising campaigns run with no conversion limits, the majority of them still choose to restrict the number of conversions their campaigns can have. There is a logical reason for that: they want to control their budget spendings.

As you know, the ability to set offer caps in order to limit conversions has always been among Affise features. But now we updated the system and made it even more revolutionary. So if you need to set budgetary limits on your offers, we’ve got your back with the newest updates.

What’s new?

Cap Types

We’ve widened the number of cap types at Affise, and now you have an opportunity to set them on either a conversion or budget basis. Conversion-based caps count conversions from your affiliate(s) for a particular offer, while budget-based caps work within a certain budget an advertiser defined in advance.


Now you can set the offer caps for maximum number of conversions or budget per day, month or over offer lifetime*. Daily caps are counted for the 24-hour day according to your network’s time zone and reset at the midnight. You can easily choose the preferred time zone on your own. Monthly caps are counted for the calendar month, and reset on the first day of each month. For lifetime caps, all conversions and budgets are counted for the whole time an offer is promoted.

*Please, note that before the updates the field “All” had a descriptive character rather that limited the conversions. Now if you set the offer cap over its lifetime, the system stops traffic once the conversions/budget maximum number is reached.

Goal-Specific Caps

If you have several goals for one and the same advertising campaign, you may set a separate offer cap for each goal. Feel free to apply goal-specific caps to a particular publisher, or to all the affiliates who work with the offer.

Affiliate-Specific Caps

Want to set caps for a specific offer-affiliate combination? You can do it now within a few clicks. Just select an affiliate and apply caps for a particular offer to him/her.

How to set offer caps?

To add or change offer caps, first go to the Caps Management at Edit Offer Page. Choose the timeframe the cap will be working in (day/month or over lifetime) and its type. Then enter values for conversion or budget caps you’d like to enforce for this offer. You can either set offer cap on a certain goal or on all the goals altogether. If you want to set the cap for a particular affiliate rather then for all of them, in the menu “Affiliate” select the publisher you want to apply caps to for this offer accordingly.

Once you have the settings you want in place, click “Enable Caps”. And here you go: now you can enjoy your smooth running and higher performance!

If you either have further questions about how to achieve your business goals with Affise or want to leverage best in class affiliate solutions, do not hesitate to contact us by emailing to or get your 30-day trial for absolutely free!