How data helps Affise to make better product decisions


At Affise, many employees rely on data every day to do their jobs.

Affise in numbers

  • 1M+ RPS on tracking and attribution services
  • 2Pb+ of data traffic every month
  • 10Pb+ of aggregated data
  • 1M+ of users events every week


Why Superset? For us to be data-driven, we need data to be fluid, fast-flowing, and crystal clear.

  • 55 Datasets
  • 353 Charts
  • 40+ Dashboards


Our product team uses various machine learning tools, especially for prediction systems, which help us predict future events in product usage or key SaaS metrics we are looking at.


Using Superset is helping Affise to build a better platform. With transparent analytics, we can make better business decisions based on data, not on guess.



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