How data helps Affise to make better product decisions

3 min readSep 10, 2021



At Affise, many employees rely on data every day to do their jobs.

We make decisions with 90% data and 10% intuition in mind helping brands and agencies manage their partnership programs.

For the past three years, we’ve been working with many Business Intelligence tools to analyze our product data and make our platform better every day. One day we concluded that there is no silver bullet for BI. Something is always missing or too complicated. About a year ago, we gave the last chance to Apache Superset, and it looks like we found it.

Affise in numbers

  • 1M+ RPS on tracking and attribution services
  • 2Pb+ of data traffic every month
  • 10Pb+ of aggregated data
  • 1M+ of users events every week


Why Superset? For us to be data-driven, we need data to be fluid, fast-flowing, and crystal clear.

The Superset is a rich and extensible set of visualizations that includes basic charts and sunbursts, parallel coordinates, heatmap, force-directed layouts, world map, pivot table, and more.

It helped us to rebuild all our product analytics in a short period.

What we have at this moment:

  • 6725 SQL Dataset Queries
  • 55 Datasets
  • 353 Charts
  • 40+ Dashboards

Aggregating all the product data in one place is a key thing for better customer analytics.


Our product team uses various machine learning tools, especially for prediction systems, which help us predict future events in product usage or key SaaS metrics we are looking at.

Using Superset, we can quickly implement our ML models to our product analytics.

Also, Superset has built-in Facebook Prophet library integration that helps with date-related predictions.


Using Superset is helping Affise to build a better platform. With transparent analytics, we can make better business decisions based on data, not on guess.

Also, we are hiring =)